Saturday, October 4, 2014 we go..have started on this awesome dollhouse..and found so many neat idea's for it..any suggestions are welcome..

My Uncle put dollhouses together..and his detail and spin on them were amazing..I hope i can make mine just as amazing.  have already changed the color to a rust, and tan trim..something unusual.  Changed the staircase, will be adding new pix later this


  1. So have been really working on My house..get into doing some of the work , and totally change where I was going with it..( bi-polar moment ) if any idea's would so love to here them..guess this is what I was always hoping life would This is my own little place I can get lost in my mind with and not be scared of the other stuff that try's to creep in...well have been working on a kitchen set..and as of yesterday..scraped that idea..found a whole new kitchen idea I'm going a sectional sofa for the livingroom..and trying to see what else i want to many idea's..can't keep them all straight.. well gonna post some pix later and try to clean up My house to get a handle on what I want to do next.. any suggestions would help alot..have a friend that is gonna make me a stained glass for the kitchen window..thinking maybe hanging wisteria..or grapevine..what do you think ? will post again soon..sorry for not following up..just needed to get My head right..

  2. Some of the spelling is off and hope you can overlook and understand what I mean..